Thinking (Matthew Meel)

When you travel a lot, you have a lot of time to think. So you start to think about your life, what’s wrong, what is right, your goals, until you fall in a deep sleep. Recently a person I care a lot about has betrayed my trust in her. “Why?” This was my question. Wrong, wrong, wrong question. When you ask why, you will not have clear response. So all you can do is tell yourself you have a dream, and there are obstacles: people you trust killing you just with A. SINGLE. WORD. finding someone else to say things they told you before. I realized that trust is not a secure thing, never. The only real trust is the one you have in yourself. Don’t make so much sacrifices for others, if you do, one day you will write a similar post.Be yourself. Always. #nightthinking #travel

By Matthew Meel