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An Update on Video Retention Metrics

An Update on Video Retention Metrics https://media.fb.com/2018/05/03/an-update-on-video-retention-metrics/ β€” Leggi su media.fb.com/2018/05/03/an-update-on-video-retention-metrics/

Tutorial #018 (Symphonic Distribution)

When it comes to promoting music video content, it’s important to recognize the ways in which promotion exists past the YouTube β€œShare” button at the bottom of your video. We’ve put together our top 4 ways to share your music video. // bit.ly/2iz9PZ2 Fonte: Symphonic Distribution

Tutorial #005 (Waves Audio)

In this video, Grammy-winning mixer Tony Maserati (BeyoncΓ©, Jay Z) shows how he adds power and energy to bass guitar and synth bass while blending both parts perfectly with the drums. The process starts by mixing the raw bass part, adding EQ, compression, harmonic distortion and transient enhancement to make the bass β€˜speak’ more in the mix and blend well with the drums. Then, Tony works to make a secondary bass part blend with the main bass, adding important energy to the track without getting in the way and muddying the mix. This is video #4 in a four-part series…