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AppleInsider (Twitter – 02/06/2019)

Links to #AppleMusic tracks are gradually migrating to a Music domain, lending more weight to the theory that #iTunes will gradually be put to pasture. appleinsider.com/articles/19/06…

Waves (Twitter – 20/04/2019)

Reverb has the unique ability to make instruments in the mix sound like they’re being played in the same room. Learn how to tweak your reverbs to get the most accurate sounding space for your song. READ MORE: waves.com/how-to-create-…

Native Instruments (Twitter – 24/03/2019)

A #mixdown is the process in which you finalize your tracks, and prepare them for #mastering. It makes sure your musical ideas translate well either in the club, on stage, radio, or for people listening at home. Learn more in our #guide: bit.ly/2WVZJ3N #HowTo