Roland Cloud (Twitter – 09/01/2019)

With its thick bass tones, dynamic and cutting leads and captivating soundscapes, the Roland System-100 still has the power to thrill synth enthusiasts. Get this legendary software instrument in your DAW today!


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Roland Cloud (Twitter – 19/01/2019)

From warm analog to dynamic acoustic, the D-50 still possesses a unique sparkle due to cutting edge digitally integrated effects. Available in virtual form with Roland Cloud!

Learn more: bit.ly/2RA75uQ

Sign up: bit.ly/2mvEOnp

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News #057 (Lennar Digital)

Sylenth1 v3.040 is ready!
What’s new in this version:
β€’ Improved loading time.
β€’ Fixes no sound issue when run in Akai VIP in Cubase.
β€’ Fixes Arpeggiator host tempo sync problem.
β€’ Fixes file permissions issue on Mac.
β€’ Fixes issues when installed for all users.
β€’ NtProtectVirtualMemory bug (on Windows) fixed.
β€’ Crashes and hangs while loading certain projects on Windows 7 fixed.
β€’ Fixes popup-menu disappearing issue when running bridged.
β€’ Improved mouse drag sensitivity when holding Shift key.
β€’ Added option in settings file to display Cutoff values in Hz.
β€’ Fixes audible click when Phaser is turned off before key is released.
β€’ Fixes slider image resizing bug.
β€’ New skin added: Scott-Kane Dark.
Customers can download this update directly from their account page:

News #056 (Roland)

Perform and record with a massive selection of Roland’s very best sounds
Packed with over 2000 tones from Roland’s flagship INTEGRA-7 sound module, the FA series offers a huge palette of high-quality sounds for virtually any musical style. All of the INTEGRA-7’s SuperNATURAL synth and XV-5080 PCM tones are on board, plus an essential collection of expressive SuperNATURAL acoustic tones that include pianos, organs, bass, strings, and many others. This video gives you a preview of FA tones, including acoustic piano, electric piano, guitar, organ, drums, and more.
For more details: roland.com/us/products/fa_series/