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Roland Cloud – About

About Roland Cloud REVOLUTIONIZING THE MUSIC CREATION INDUSTRY, ONE VOICE AT A TIME What is Roland Cloud? Revolutionizing the music creation industry, one voice at a time Roland Cloud represents the ultimate cloud-based suite of high-resolution instruments, connected services and software for modern music creators and producers. Our global community of artists, creators and dreamers…

Roland Cloud – Roland Analog And Digital Synthesizer Software

Legendary Authentic recreations of LEGENDARY Roland analog and digital synthesizers TB-303 Software Bass Line Utilizing ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) modeling, Roland Cloud’s TB-303 adds a host of new features to the iconic instrument. VIEW PRODUCT D-50 Linear Synthesizer Software Synthesizer One of the world’s most recognized synthesizers, now for your DAW. VIEW PRODUCT JUNO-106 Software…

TB-303: USA Battle of the Bass Line

Original link on Roland Cloud site, here: rolandcloud.com/home/news/tb-303-battle-of-the-bass-line ROLAND CLOUD ANNOUNCES OUR FIRST-EVER USA TB-303 BATTLE OF THE BASS LINE INSTAGRAM CONTEST! Arm your tracks, lift your controllers high, and prepare for battle! Roland Cloud is pleased to announce our first-ever USA TB-303 Battle of the Bass Line Instagram Contest! Enter here. 3 winners will receive:  A…

TB-303: How Does it Work?

MAKE CREATION SIMPLE WITH A GRAPHIC TOUR OF THE TB-303 The lore behind Roland’s TB-303 is filled with stories of the instrument’s fabled intricacies and ineffability. With curious step instructions, a heretofore unexplored realm of knobs and filters, and completely new soundscapes, this mystery box had the potential to challenge its users. Well, rest easy. Roland Cloud’s…

Roland Cloud (Twitter – 03/03/2019)

Happy TB-303 Day! There hasn’t been anything like the TB-303, and now it’s yours to enjoy as part of a Roland Cloud subscription! roland.com/global/promos/… rolandcloud.com/news/tb-303-no…

Roland Cloud (Twitter – 08/02/2019)

Inspired by the past, built in the present, and designed for the future, the Roland SYSTEM-8 is the result of over four decades of synthesizer development, available now in virtual form with your Roland Cloud subscription! Learn more: bit.ly/2DfQYsm #Roland #RolandCloud

Roland Cloud (Facebook – 30/01/2019)

What is Concerto? Concerto is a sample playback helper application that powers a variety of instruments in the Roland Cloud Catalog. Concerto powers such instruments as the Anthology Series, FLAVR Series and our newly released DRUM STUDIO Acoustic One! Learn more: https://bit.ly/2FMD57K Sign up: https://bit.ly/2mvEOnp #Roland #RolandCloud #Concerto #DRUMSTUDIO

Roland Cloud (Twitter – 09/01/2019)

With its thick bass tones, dynamic and cutting leads and captivating soundscapes, the Roland System-100 still has the power to thrill synth enthusiasts. Get this legendary software instrument in your DAW today! RolandCloud.com #Roland #RolandCloud

Roland Cloud (Twitter – 15/01/2019)

SRX-ORCHESTRA offers many inspiring & realistic sounds. Flutes, clarinets, choir, and robust percussion are just the beginning. In fact, with 425 orchestral patches & the ability to create and customize, you truly are the conductor of your own symphony- RolandCloud.com