Roland Cloud TR-808



The Thing That Goes Boom

In 1980, the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer was released to an unsuspecting and somewhat bewildered public. To many at the time, its tweakable analog tones didn’t exactly deliver “traditional” or “realistic” drum sounds. It wasn’t until after a few adventurous musicians and producers got their hands on the TR-808 and started tweaking those knobs that the world would feel the impact it would leave on music forever. For decades since, the sizzling hi-hats and snappy snare, the clicky rim shot, the unmistakable cowbell, and yes—that booming bass drum—have been heard on worldwide hits and underground classics. Its influence is so deep that it’s been name-dropped in famous tracks, had albums dedicated to it, bands named after it, and is even the subject of a feature-length documentary film.

That 8 Oh 8

The Roland TR-808 is one of the most revered and sought-after electronic musical instruments of all time—and its influence only continues to grow. New musical genres make heavy use of the 808, with some utilizing it as the main instrument and defining sound of the style. The Roland TR-808 is so desirable that original units sell for thousands of dollars on the used market and it’s often been imitated with sound-alike sample-packs, less-than-faithful apps, and knock-offs. But the 808 is a complex beast and far more than the sum of its parts. Its iconic user interface and the unique personality created by the sounds responding and interacting with each other are vitally important to conjuring up that authentic TR-808 mojo. And you know it when you hear it.

The Return of The King

Using our proprietary  Analog Circuit Behavior technology, we’ve painstakingly recreated the original analog circuits that are the essence of the TR-808’s distinct sound. All the nuance and detail are accounted for resulting in a living, breathing Roland TR-808 for your DAW. This software adaption not only sounds and acts true-to-life, but it injects new and exciting enhancements into the classic 808 formula. Each pattern has eight variations so you can create evolving sequences that keep things interesting. The classic 16-step “TR-REC” sequencer can be expanded to include a sequencer lane for each drum instrument so you can program faster and more fluidly. The sequencer has adjustable flams and sub-steps so you can create detailed fills and ratcheting sequences. And each instrument has its own “last step” and shuffle settings so you can play with timing, experiment with polyrhythms, and dial in just the right groove for your tracks. You can even drag patterns from the TR-808 directly into your DAW as MIDI or audio clips!

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Roland Cloud Presents Three New SRX Instruments!

Roland Cloud’s  SRX ELECTRIC PIANO, SRX  STRINGS, and SRX BRASS draw from the spirit of the original hardware boards with the meticulous attention to detail for which Roland is known.  

Upon its release, SRX ELECTRIC PIANO—the twelfth title in the SRX series—described itself as “the finest sound library of coveted EPs and Clavs to bear the Roland logo.” The sampled keyboard instruments in SRX ELECTRIC PIANO were recorded with high-end mics and converters at multiple velocities. These electric pianos are authentic, expressive, and possess stunning audio detail. Its 50 diverse sounds—in Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Clavinet styles—vary from bright and vibrant to dusky and warm.


The 128 presets in SRX STRINGS cover every potential string expression including pizzicato, legato, and vibrato playing. Presets like “Trems/w fine” react differently depending on the velocity of each note played. A softer touch conjures a tense and trembling tremolo, while a more aggressive one elicits a smoothly bowed note. SRX STRINGS includes endlessly tweakable parameters as well as effects for users to create new tones.

The tenth title in Roland’s SRX series provided users with “a superb collection of sounds that capture the true articulations of traditional brass instruments and ensembles.” The diverse patches in SRX BRASS are broad enough for crafting pop hits, scoring films, classical composition, and beyond. These sounds give composers freedom to arrange horn parts with a new dynamism: one that includes realistic falls and swells.


SRX ELECTRIC PIANO, SRX STRINGS, and SRX BRASS join recent releases like the TB-303, JX-3P, and SRX STUDIO as well as the TR-808, TR-909, JUPITER-8, and JUNO-106 to deepen Roland Cloud’s expanding suite of instruments.


Link: rolandcloud.com/news/roland-cloud-presents-three-new-srx-instruments

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Roland Cloud (Twitter – 09/07/2019)

With “Beyond Fantasia,” Roland Cloud offers 128 new patches for the Roland D-50. Brutal saw waves, luscious pads, dynamic choirs, percussive plucks—these sounds are the perfect addition to the D-50’s already diverse presets.

Learn more: bit.ly/2L9ii1K

Roland Cloud Presents Roland SRX STUDIO

Roland Cloud Presents Roland SRX STUDIO


Roland SRX STUDIO: Now Available With Your Roland Cloud Subscription

Access Classic Studio Instrumentation with Roland SRX STUDIO.


• 128 Patches, 12 rhythm sets, and 522 waveforms

• Ultra-flexible patch parameters

• Manages 128 memories as one bank

• Multi-effects with 78 different kinds of effects including Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Flanger, Distortion, and more



In the early 2000s, Roland’s SRX series of expansion boards provided an innovative way to invite fresh sounds into your synth. Installed directly into Roland hardware, each board created a tiny genre-centric world of its own. From eclectic world instruments to slamming club beats (celebrated by Roland Cloud’s SRX WORLD and SRX DANCE, respectively) the SRX series expanded players’ pallets and opened new creative doors. Roland Cloud features many instruments that pay tribute to the spirit of the seminal boards. (For a breakdown of Roland Cloud’s SRX titles, visit our catalog page.)


The third entry in the SRX series focused on bringing studio-friendly sounds to users’ homes while preserving their natural ambiance. With its versatile set of expressive pianos, crisp nylon-string guitars, and refined wind instruments, the card collected detailed recordings from professional recording environments across the globe.

Part of Roland Cloud’s Legendary series, Roland SRX STUDIO features 128 patches, 12 rhythm sets, and 522 waveforms. In addition to more traditional sounds, the eclectic collection also boasts more esoteric fare. Patches like “Ethernal Pad,” “Solar Winds,” and “Harmonic Sequence” are rendered with warmth and three-dimensional qualities that will enhance your sonic creations.

SRX STUDIO groups 78 wide-ranging multi-effects into convenient categories including FILTER, MODULATION, CHORUS, DYNAMICS, DELAY, LO-FI, PITCH, REVERB, PIANO, and COMBINATION. Jump from “2-Voice Pitch Shifter,” “Phonograph,” and other standalone effects to combinations like “Distortion/Flanger” and “Enhancer/Chorus.” Looking to add some sparkle to a track? Choose from “Tape Echo,” “Speaker Simulator,” or dozens of other audio manipulation options.



Not only is Roland SRX STUDIO packed with immediate sounds to explore, its expansive patch paramaters allow for flexible creation of your own go-to tones. Access STRUCTURE, WAVE GROUP, PITCH, TVF, CUTOFF ENVELOPE, FILTER ENVELOPE, LFO, VELOCITY, KEY RANGE and more. Additionally, SRX STUDIO includes discrete settings for ANALOG FEEL, BOOSTER, and RANDOM PITCH. 

With four studio kits and a host of other genre-specific sounds, Roland SRX STUDIO includes a rich variety of rhythmic tools. Take your pick from Wide Rock, Wide Jazz, Tight Room, 3rd Ballad, Studio 1, Studio 2, Studio 3, Hip Hop, and others.

Denoted by a small symbol at the upper left of the patch name, the dozen unique sets can facilitate the creation of complete tracks while remaining entirely inside the instrument. Alternately, used in conjunction with other Roland Could titles, Roland SRX STUDIO’s collection of drum sounds has the power to inject fresh energy into your workflow.

Check out this collection of sound samples by Carlos Felipe of D’LUX Private Reserve for examples of Roland SRX STUDIO’s drum patches.


Created in the spirit of its seminal hardware board counterpart, Roland SRX STUDIO is jam-packed with crystalline tones to bring a new level of clarity to your tracks. These instruments are ornate, presented with stellar definition, and will make your performances gleam with polished professionalism. Download Roland SRX STUDIO as a part of Roland Cloud’s suite of virtual instruments to bring these nuanced sounds into your DAW.

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