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Classic Roland Instruments: TR-808 Rhythm Composer

There are few musical instruments that have affected the course of modern music like the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer. The term ‘808’ has an immediate sonic, electronic and aesthetic signature. Inside the all-analog monster lies a big, booming BASS of a kick drum that driver a robotic clap, a brash cowbell and sizzling cymbals for a future-symphonic rhythm track. Combined with its bold black body, scrolling light and sixteen iconic-colored sequencer buttons, the TR-808 will always be unmistakable in its form and function. The day the TR-808 fell into the hands of visionary musicians and producers became the day that…

Video #003 (Roland JD-Xi)

The Roland JD-Xi fuses true analog and versatile modern digital synth engines in one compact body. You’ll also be inspired by the intuitive onboard pattern sequencer, which makes the JD-Xi a great choice for creating and performing sophisticated music. In this exclusive video, acclaimed synth player and producer Dorian Concept shows off the features of the JD-Xi. Check out his performance – and get inspired. JD-Xi: www.roland.com/us/products/jd-xi/