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AppleInsider (Twitter – 16/03/2019)

To celebrate 15 years of #GarageBand, #Apple has offered a behind-the-scenes look at the music creation tool’s production, as well as providing access to the media to the Music Apps studio. appleinsider.com/articles/19/03…

Roland Cloud (Facebook – 30/01/2019)

What is Concerto? Concerto is a sample playback helper application that powers a variety of instruments in the Roland Cloud Catalog. Concerto powers such instruments as the Anthology Series, FLAVR Series and our newly released DRUM STUDIO Acoustic One! Learn more: https://bit.ly/2FMD57K Sign up: https://bit.ly/2mvEOnp #Roland #RolandCloud #Concerto #DRUMSTUDIO

Tutorial #056 (macProVideo.com)

New Release! Introduced in Apple’s Logic Pro X 10.4, Step FX is a powerful new plugin capable of creating rhythmic modulation and gating effects. Learn this multi-effects inside out with trainer, producer and composer Joshua Carney! – j.mp/2IK095v

Tutorial #045 (MetaPop)

Within the world of electronic production, music theory is often ignored in its entirety – a mere afterthought that is considered useless and unnecessary by many… Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Tutorial #034 (Symphonic Distribution)

Over-saturation is a term you may hear often these days in the music industry. Here are 7 quick tips that you can apply to increase your exposure and potential as a musician. // bit.ly/1Bh9qfb