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News #056 (Roland)

Perform and record with a massive selection of Roland’s very best sounds Packed with over 2000 tones from Roland’s flagship INTEGRA-7 sound module, the FA series offers a huge palette of high-quality sounds for virtually any musical style. All of the INTEGRA-7’s SuperNATURAL synth and XV-5080 PCM tones are on board, plus an essential collection of expressive SuperNATURAL acoustic tones that include pianos, organs, bass, strings, and many others. This video gives you a preview of FA tones, including acoustic piano, electric piano, guitar, organ, drums, and more. For more details: roland.com/us/products/fa_series/

News #016 (Roland)

As a pianist, your inspiration can come from anywhere — whether that’s the venue you’re playing in, the musicians onstage with you, or the audience cheering you on. If you want to take your music to the people, the Roland FP Digital Piano series will help you get there. Learn more at www.roland.com/us/products/fp_series/ #FP90 #FP60 #FP30