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TB-303: USA Battle of the Bass Line

Original link on Roland Cloud site, here: rolandcloud.com/home/news/tb-303-battle-of-the-bass-line ROLAND CLOUD ANNOUNCES OUR FIRST-EVER USA TB-303 BATTLE OF THE BASS LINE INSTAGRAM CONTEST! Arm your tracks, lift your controllers high, and prepare for battle! Roland Cloud is pleased to announce our first-ever USA TB-303 Battle of the Bass Line Instagram Contest! Enter here. 3 winners will receive:  A…

Native Instruments (Twitter – 24/03/2019)

A #mixdown is the process in which you finalize your tracks, and prepare them for #mastering. It makes sure your musical ideas translate well either in the club, on stage, radio, or for people listening at home. Learn more in our #guide: bit.ly/2WVZJ3N #HowTo

TB-303: How Does it Work?

MAKE CREATION SIMPLE WITH A GRAPHIC TOUR OF THE TB-303 The lore behind Roland’s TB-303 is filled with stories of the instrument’s fabled intricacies and ineffability. With curious step instructions, a heretofore unexplored realm of knobs and filters, and completely new soundscapes, this mystery box had the potential to challenge its users. Well, rest easy. Roland Cloud’s…