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DistroKid (Twitter – 12/06/2019)

Announcing DistroLock. It’s a free service that helps protect your music against unauthorized leaks. It’s basically a blacklist of audio fingerprints that you can add your own music to, so that other people can’t upload it. Check it out: https://distrolock.com/

AppleInsider (Twitter – 02/06/2019)

Links to #AppleMusic tracks are gradually migrating to a Music domain, lending more weight to the theory that #iTunes will gradually be put to pasture. appleinsider.com/articles/19/06…

Native Instruments (Twitter – 17/05/2019)

Check out the latest KONTAKT 6.1 and Creator Tools 1.1 #updates. KONTAKT 6.1 features a new Inharmonic mode for more bell-like tones, whilst Creator Tools 1.1 gives our creator community a fresh #GUI designer tool ✨ Find out more: bit.ly/2xHMby6 #Komplete #Kontakt

Native Instruments (Twitter – 16/05/2019)

Make #studio magic with no messing around ✨ The new KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 works with all your mics, instruments, and headphones. Just plug in, and get creating. #Preorder now: bit.ly/2zMkFAl #Komplete #KompleteAudio6 #AudioInterface

Roland Cloud Presents Roland SRX STUDIO

Roland Cloud Presents Roland SRX STUDIO BRING PRO SOUNDS TO YOUR HOME STUDIO Roland SRX STUDIO: Now Available With Your Roland Cloud Subscription Access Classic Studio Instrumentation with Roland SRX STUDIO. KEY FEATURES • 128 Patches, 12 rhythm sets, and 522 waveforms • Ultra-flexible patch parameters • Manages 128 memories as one bank • Multi-effects with…

Gian Paolo Fontani – Vola Via (Single) (with Mastered for iTunes technology)

From today ‘Vola Via’ single is available on all digital platforms and on iTunes with ‘Mastered for iTunes’ technology (click on image below for more info about MFiT). Many thanks to Audiomaster for ‘Vola Via’ master. Distrokid HyperFollow Buy / Streaming Link ➡️ Vola Via