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Dynamic loops extend off the Sun a distance ten times the diameter of Earth in this extreme ultraviolet light view from our Solar Dynamics Observatory seen May 30-June 1, 2018. When the magnetic field lines get themselves tangled up enough, they can erupt with a solar storm. We use the observatory to understand the Sun's influence on Earth and near-Earth space by studying the solar atmosphere in many wavelengths simultaneously. This allows us to better understand the solar variations that influence life on Earth and humanity's technological systems by looking for solar wind, energetic particles, and variations in the solar irradiance that lead to better predictions of space weather events. Credit: NASA/SDO #nasa #space #sun #solar #sdo #light #earth #solarsystem #science #video #ultraviolet #uv #uvlight #picoftheday

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Forget a tempest in a teapot. Victoria Siemer puts the ocean in a coffee cup. The graphic designer’s caffeinated creativity started while experimenting with the idea of microcosms in Photoshop. “I was just playing with the idea of creating my own little worlds,” she says. Her wildly imaginative, often outlandish Instagram coffee mugs make your artfully foamed lattes look downright boring.
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📸: Victoria Siemer | @witchoria