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DistroKid (Twitter – 23/08/2019)

ANNOUNCEMENT! Get your music into TikTok, only with DistroKid. We’re the only distributor in the world that can get independent artists into TikTok. Free for all DistroKid members. Enjoy & thanks for the love. (also-click “add to more stores” to add old releases to #tiktok too💥)

DistroKid (Twitter – 24/07/2019)

That’s what I’m talking about. Thank you so much for the love, everyone. Means a lot to us. So much more goodness coming out in 2019, new features & other stuff. 💪💪🙏🍾🚀🍻

DistroKid (Twitter – 12/06/2019)

Announcing DistroLock. It’s a free service that helps protect your music against unauthorized leaks. It’s basically a blacklist of audio fingerprints that you can add your own music to, so that other people can’t upload it. Check it out: https://distrolock.com/

DistroKid (Twitter- 16/11/2018)

New thing! There’s a new section on DistroKid’s upload form that makes it easy to get your real name into the “songwriter” credits of your music. More info here: distrokid.desk.com/customer/porta…