Jack Burman Ft. Sahil Dhandhia & Sahrah Wolf – Survive (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)

New remix on MetaPop…
I will be picking at least two winners. Any genre can be produced. I have only released the vocal stems as I want to see how creative you can be. The track is in Emaj so (hint) work in that scale. The winner remixes will be released through me onto Spotify and all streaming services. You will get a royalty share and promotion. The track does not have to be mastered although if you want to you can, however the mix needs to be clean. Good luck. If you need to ask me anything then you can do. Thanks, Jack
Jack Burman is an upcoming Music Producer/DJ from the UK. Based in Birmingham, Jack Burman released his first EP project A New Beginning EP in March 2018, telling his story of a struggle after a break up. His follow up single Survive focussed on mental health awareness and sent out the message that you are never alone. After the release of Survive, Jack stated that he is still a producing novice and that he has so much to learn.

David Starfire & Stephan Jacobs Feat. Shri – Seasons (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)

New remix on SKIO Music contest…

Link: gianp.it/SeasonsGPFRmx

We’re beyond stoked to team up with Muti Music for “Seasons” by David Starfire and Stephan Jacobs. With warm bass, dreamy vocals and punchy melodic stabs this global Bass hybrid is perfect for remixing!
This is definitely one of our craziest prize packs ever with over $12K in plugins, gear, production tools and courses, and killer opportunities to connect with pro music instructors.
There are plenty of high quality stems to play with, including vocals by Shri, so get ready to make the best remix of your life!
Upload your remix early to get feedback from our community and maybe even some Pros ; ) You can edit and resubmit your remix on SKIO until the last minute, so take the tips and make your remix even better.

Arema Arega – Natural Jazz (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)

New remix on Metapop contest…

Link: gianp.it/NaturalJazzGPFRmx

Since I’ve released this song I’ve received Remixes made using the audio of an Acapella Video of Natural Jazz that I recorded with my phone and posted on Youtube. So after the Metapop’s invitation to Create a Remix Contest I have decided, that the first track should be Natural Jazz as I created it on the Ableton project.
I made this song using only Native Instruments and my voice:
Abbey Road 60s drummer – Drum kit
Cuba – Conga
Reaktor – Acoustic Bass
Session Horns Pro – Flugelhorn and Muted Trumpet
The Grandeur – Piano
The final Mix and Master of the track was made by Sam Wheat.
The Prize :
All the Winners will get a commercial release on Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, and more.
The rules are simple: Create a track in any genre you like, and submit it by June 7, 2018. Your song must use at least one of the sounds of the Natural Jazz – Tracks, and be at least one minute long. You can use any additional sounds you like, provided you own the copyright.
I will select the winners : the must interesting remixes based on musicality and creativity.
Best Luck to everybody !!!
I hope you will enjoy the process of creating your Remix this is the most important.
Thanks for sharing the Vibe 🙂
– Arema Arega
– Tracks should be a minimum of one minute long.
Use at least one of the provided samples from Natural Jazz – Arema Arega – Tracks ( Muted Trumpet / Flugelhorn /Voices with and without effects / Piano / Bass / Drum) that are available in WAV format.
Any genre is welcome.
– Do not use any material to which you do not own the copyright.
The winner or winners will be the must interesting remixes based on musicality and creativity.
Winners must be prepared to show project files, if necessary, in order to prove that Natural Jazz – Arema Arega – Tracks sounds from were used.
Arema Arega, Voronezh, cold summer of 79, is a cuban singer-songwriter and painter. Born from an Ethiopian father and a Cuban mother, her work, both pictorial and musical, are the result of this mixture. There are Blues with Son, Bossa with Jazz, Folk with Funk and ChaChaCha. Everything under the tropical influence of Cuba.
She is one of the artists of the album “Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura: The Search Continues” and the “Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura: Anthology” . Also invited by The Bahama Soul Club to collaborate on “The Cuban Tapes”, “The Havana ´58”, “The Havana Remixes” and the Club des Belugas’s Album “Nine”.
Arema Arega