JSteph – Broken Heart (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)

New remix on MetaPop…

Link: gianp.it/BrokenHeartGPFRmx

Hey! My name is Jordan Stephens, but I go by JSteph in the artist world. I’ve loved music for a long time, but I didn’t start working with it until the summer of 2016. Since finding that passion and truly growing as an artist, I have released a remix album and my EP, entitled LIFE. I’m also preparing to release my first full-length album in the coming months. I’m not quite sure what genre my music is, because I try to include a little bit of everything. I give all my music an upbeat tune and lyrics that are personal, yet relatable. My goal as an artist is not to promote my music, get money, and become famous. Those are all great things that of course would be nice…but the reason I do what I do is to reflect my Savior through my music. If I stray from serving Him in all I do, then there is no point in making music. I can do all things through Christ, so I’ll keep doing what I do for Him. God bless.