Jack Burman Ft. Sahil Dhandhia & Sahrah Wolf – Survive (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)

New remix on MetaPop…
I will be picking at least two winners. Any genre can be produced. I have only released the vocal stems as I want to see how creative you can be. The track is in Emaj so (hint) work in that scale. The winner remixes will be released through me onto Spotify and all streaming services. You will get a royalty share and promotion. The track does not have to be mastered although if you want to you can, however the mix needs to be clean. Good luck. If you need to ask me anything then you can do. Thanks, Jack
Jack Burman is an upcoming Music Producer/DJ from the UK. Based in Birmingham, Jack Burman released his first EP project A New Beginning EP in March 2018, telling his story of a struggle after a break up. His follow up single Survive focussed on mental health awareness and sent out the message that you are never alone. After the release of Survive, Jack stated that he is still a producing novice and that he has so much to learn.