Filter Effect Feat. Vanessa – Own It (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)

New remix on MetaPop…




You must be 16 years old to submit this contest. Use “Remix-Pack” and upload maximum of two remixes from one participant. Mix should consist original sounds and in length from 2 to 5 minutes. Your work must be placed during the contest period. Winners will be сhosen by the host from all of the submissions. At the end of contest Judges will choose winners and place them on the Facebook official label page as well as on this page. Winners must send wav 4416 for release.
Good luck!
All winners will be released on Electric Station. All winners will get 25% from sales and streams. All winners will be open for collaboration with Electric Station artists. Top winner will get promotion from Electric Station and Filter Effect.
Filter Effect is a production/dj duo from Greece
Electric Station Label