Creatives Of Feat. Ajay Stephens, All Ciddy – Pum Pum (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)

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Remix our song, Pum Pum by Creatives Of! In this track, Grant & Zakk mesh the likes of EDM & Hip Hop into one serious instrumental. Combined with true lyricism featuring All Ciddy and topping it off with A1 vocals courtesy of Ajay Stephens, you’ll have more than enough material to give some inspiration and spark creativity!
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Creatives Of is a start-up record label based in Rochester, New York. Comprised with Founders Grant Gariff & Alexandria Pakitsas, the two strive to step out from the crowd and take music to a higher level. Combined with the talent and skills of Ajay Stephens & Zakk Mount, true artistry and production quality become present amongst their work. Follow @creativesof on Instagram for the latest updates on their journey!
Creatives Of