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Gian Paolo Fontani

Roland U.S. (Twitter – 18/04/2019)

On this day 47 years ago, Roland was founded in Osaka, Japan. Since the opening of our very first offices in 1972 (pictured below), our mission has been to bring the thrill and excitement of creative experiences to imaginative people all over the world.

TB-303: USA Battle of the Bass Line

Original link on Roland Cloud site, here: ROLAND CLOUD ANNOUNCES OUR FIRST-EVER USA TB-303 BATTLE OF THE BASS LINE INSTAGRAM CONTEST! Arm your tracks, lift your controllers high, and prepare for battle! Roland Cloud is pleased to announce our first-ever USA TB-303 Battle of the Bass Line Instagram Contest! Enter here. 3 winners will receive:  A…

Native Instruments (Twitter – 24/03/2019)

A #mixdown is the process in which you finalize your tracks, and prepare them for #mastering. It makes sure your musical ideas translate well either in the club, on stage, radio, or for people listening at home. Learn more in our #guide: #HowTo

TB-303: How Does it Work?

MAKE CREATION SIMPLE WITH A GRAPHIC TOUR OF THE TB-303 The lore behind Roland’s TB-303 is filled with stories of the instrument’s fabled intricacies and ineffability. With curious step instructions, a heretofore unexplored realm of knobs and filters, and completely new soundscapes, this mystery box had the potential to challenge its users. Well, rest easy. Roland Cloud’s…