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Gian Paolo Fontani

Roland Cloud (Twitter – 09/01/2019)

With its thick bass tones, dynamic and cutting leads and captivating soundscapes, the Roland System-100 still has the power to thrill synth enthusiasts. Get this legendary software instrument in your DAW today! #Roland #RolandCloud

Roland Cloud (Twitter – 15/01/2019)

SRX-ORCHESTRA offers many inspiring & realistic sounds. Flutes, clarinets, choir, and robust percussion are just the beginning. In fact, with 425 orchestral patches & the ability to create and customize, you truly are the conductor of your own symphony-

Gian Paolo – 2K (DistroKid HyperFollow Link)

‘2K’ is available for preordering from yesterday on Spotify and Apple Music… Click here… ⤵️

DistroKid (Twitter- 16/11/2018)

New thing! There’s a new section on DistroKid’s upload form that makes it easy to get your real name into the “songwriter” credits of your music. More info here:…

Roland Cloud (Twitter – 19/01/2019)

From warm analog to dynamic acoustic, the D-50 still possesses a unique sparkle due to cutting edge digitally integrated effects. Available in virtual form with Roland Cloud! Learn more: Sign up: #Roland #RolandCloud #D50

Gian Paolo Fontani – Testimonials

“NICE ONE! WE WILL DO SOME COMPILATIONS TOO WITH SOME GREAT ARTISTS. WE WILL SELECT SOME AND HOPEFULLY THIS ONE! IS GREAT! LOVED THE WORK YOU MADE WITH THE VOCAL” by Daxsen Records. Comment on remix: ‘Keep You Eyes Open (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)’ by Daxsen & Natham Brumley on MetaPop site.