By Gian Paolo Fontani

Sperimentatore Musicale

Gian Paolo Fontani – Testimonials

“NICE ONE! WE WILL DO SOME COMPILATIONS TOO WITH SOME GREAT ARTISTS. WE WILL SELECT SOME AND HOPEFULLY THIS ONE! IS GREAT! LOVED THE WORK YOU MADE WITH THE VOCAL” by Daxsen Records. Comment on remix: ‘Keep You Eyes Open (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)’ by Daxsen & Natham Brumley on MetaPop site.

Gian Paolo Fontani – Awards

AWARDS   23/02/2017: Winner of MetaPop contest with remix: ‘I Adore U’ di Kay Barton Feat. Jared KF Jones. 17/05/2017: Winner of MetaPop contest with remix: ‘Beautiful People (We Live We Love)’ di Daxsen & Tony Moss. 15/06/2017: Winner of MetaPop contest with remix: ‘Minka’ di Matthew Meel. 28/07/2017: Winner of MetaPop contest with remix:…

Gian Paolo Fontani – Biography

BIOGRAPHY   Gian Paolo Fontani was born in La Spezia on 1983 February 12th. From an early age he feeds a passion for music. In 1999, he begins to ‘play’ with music with a simple software on PlayStation. He starts to get into the music world in 2005, switching to Mac and using Logic, a well-known music production software. After…