Aeron Komila & Thea Riley – Do It Myself (Gian Paolo Fontani Remix)

New remix on MetaPop… Link:


My name is Aeron Komila, and I am a DJ/Producer based in Chicago, IL, USA.

On January 22nd, my latest single ‘Do It Myself’ (with Thea Riley) was released through DJ Saladin’s legendary label Phunk Junk Records.

Since the release, we were fortunate enough to peak at an impressive #18 on Beatport’s Top 100 Trance Releases.

Because of the track’s success, I am inviting you to put your own spin on the track.  I look forward to hearing what you all come up with!

The chosen winners of the competiton will receive royalties for their contribution to the song as well as an official release on the “Do It Myself Remix EP” that will be released on Phunk Junk Records.

First a few ground rules though.

1. You CANNOT use any unauthorized samples in your remix.  If you are using sounds from bundle packages, they MUST all be royalty free sound samples.
2. Remixes must be uploaded to Remix Me/MetaPop. Uploading your remix to YouTube or Soundcloud before the competition is over will result in disqualification of contest.
3. All sound stems provided are the intellectual property of Phunk Junk Records and may not be used for anything other than this remix competition.

Lastly, I suggest LANDR or CloudBounce for mastering before submitting your remix if you have no mastering experience.

Best of luck, and Happy Remixing!


Aeron Komila is a Chicago based DJ/Producer-Singer/Songwriter, & Multi-Instrumentalist.

Aeron has worked with renowned vocalists Thea Riley & Amy Kirkpatrick.  Aside from his solo project, Aeron is also a co-operator/A&R for AKAY Music Group.

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